11th December 2017

YaoiCon is missing! Help us find him. (Estimated recovery date: 2019)

  Good Evening Peeps! YaoiCon 2018 will unfortunately not be happening and we will be taking a one year break.

29th November 2017

Yaoi Consortium Meet Up – Planning Phase.

Good morning peeps! We are currently in the works of planning the 2018 YC Meet Up and have created another

23rd November 2017

Robots are Taking Over!

  Good Morning Consortium! Just a quick announcement – our new addition to the NutsNBolts team, @Inari, will be handling

22nd November 2017

Protect Net Neutrality! Reminder about Secret Santa, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Protect Net Neutrality. Save the Internet. https://www.battleforthenet.com/ In addition to the PSA, this is a final reminder to sign up

17th November 2017

Movie Night… Part Three!

  Hello All! We’re excited to announce another movie night with our one and only Jai the Timelord ! Movie

8th November 2017

What is Hikiomori?? And how do I get it, Senpai?

Evening YC peeps! Just wanted to clarify a couple of things regarding the Hikikomori role: Hikikomori are users that are

7th November 2017

Drinking Night, part two!

Good Morning Consortium peeps! Our next drinking nights will be on November 11, 7 PM EST and November 12, 9

6th November 2017

Christmas is near… So is Secret Santa Sign Ups!

Good Evening Consortium! We will be having our very first Secret Santa event on the server! We’d love to have

31st October 2017

Happy Halloween to everyone, from Yaoi Consortium!

Good Morning YC Peeps! I’d like to say thanks to each and every single one of you for being a

26th October 2017

Movie Night… Horror version!

Hello everyone! We’re having a Movie Night on October 28th, 8PM EST! The Movie Night is hosted by one of