BL Blog Review: Tied in Red

Hello, all again! It is time for our other BL review session! This time around, we will be reviewing one of the webcomics available on Smackjeeves. It is called “Tied in Red”. What is “webcomics”? I guess I could say it is something similar to the manga but instead being serialized, it is all created by one person (most of the time) in terms of storyline, art, and so on are all done by the author. So there is a varying level of quality in the webcomics market, some are brilliant and have amazing works, some other need a bit more work!

So for “Tied in Red”, in my view is one of more brilliant work that can be found on Smackjeeves in terms of Boys’ Love. I will post the synopsis provided by the author on Smackjeeves below:

“Ned’s a normal guy. All he wants is a normal life, with a normal job, and a normal wife, in the normal universe where those with soul mates are born with a red string on their pinkie.”

Pretty short but to the point synopsis — the characters are placed in a universe where everyone is born with a red string on their pinkie and eventually they will find someone that connects to their red string on the pinkie. It happens at different times for everyone. Our character, Ned and one other character which Ned will eventually connect with. Since this is BL, obviously it is a guy, something outside of Ned’s expectations.

Then you will read throughout the series about how they grow to understand each other and experience various things after being connected. The series is brilliant because it really does tug at your heart, both of characters barely know anything about each other when they’re connected, and over time you can clearly see the development of both characters — especially Ned, his character development is nothing but phenomenal. There were some moments in “Tied in Red” that really touched my heart. I believe in terms of storyline, it is extremely well done. I am myself subbed to their Patreon and have read ahead of what is currently released and all I can say that I am anxiously waiting for the next update!

Now then, regarding the art style. It is a bit different from usual webcomic which is often colored, this one mainly uses white and grey — with the only color in the entire thing is the red string itself. If you start reading now, you can tell the art is a bit rough. However, the author herself has already started redrawing the first several pages to match the style of the newer pages, which is currently on Patreon and with no known date when she will release those to the public. Nonetheless, the art is pretty good and memorable. As for newer art style that will appear later on the pages, it is fairly well done, I can see clear improvement when comparing to older pages, if I had to say anything about it, that seeing Tied in Red in color would make it even more awesome but that’s just me — I like the colors.

Now, for last part of the review before the conclusion — smutness. At the moment, there is no smut in the work but there is a lot of fluff that can melt your heart. According to the page of Smackjeeves, it is possible that in future that smut will be included in the work. So when it does, we’ll go back and re-review Tied in Red.

In short;

Storyline: 4/5

Art: (For original: 3/5 ) 3.5/5

Overall: 7.5/10

“Tied in Red” is an amazing read and I really do encourage everyone to read it if they are interested, it is a great work and I am currently following it and subbed on the patreon it is one of my favorite webcomic works. I hope you’ll join me in enjoying “Tied in Red” webcomic! The link to the Smackjeeves page will be posted at the end of this post.

For the next review, I will be reviewing Camp Buddy game! So keep an eye out for a new post around a week or two after this one.

See you all next time!


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