YC 2.0!

Hello all you fellow yaoi enthusiasts! As always, the staff of Yaoi Consortium are hard at work behind the scenes working to improve YC as a whole and to give you more quality content than ever before. We’ve added new channels, branched out to more social media than ever before and you’ll see those social media sites populating with some great content!

Just some of what you’ll see is Manga Monday with suggestions to some community favorite yaoi and boy love reads. Seme Saturday with some yummy images of some of our favorite tops. As for the channels on Discord, we’ve added plenty of options to suit nearly everyone! We have General for any and all conversation, the lounge for whenever we want to just chat about whatever anime or movie we’re watching together, venting if you just need to get something off your chest, memes for those of you who survive on them, and an Ask Me Anything for learning about each other!

For all your photo needs we have shounen-ai for fluffy goodness, yaoi for those deliciously NSFW images, recommendations for manga or anime to check out, arcade for discussion of all boy love and yaoi games, and Scarlet Dream for discussion of the upcoming game! (Check them out at scarletdreamgame.tumblr.com!)

For you artists, we have artist alley for your own art of boys, and gallery for all other art! Then we have some topic based channels like anime, gaming, music, food, animals, rosetta-stone (for learning other languages), diet/fitness, living room, and the bedroom (For role playing).

Some other things we’re working on are increasing the frequency and variations in community events. We will be hosting an anime night every Friday or Saturday evening at 8 pm EST, these will alternate each week so be sure to check out the calendar at the bottom of Yaoiconsortium.com or check out the announcements channel on discord for the next upcoming night.

We’ll also be planning karaoke nights, game nights, and drinking nights! So if you love to sing, play DOTA, Cards against Humanity, or just like to drink and have a good time, keep an eye on the calendar and those announcements, more information will be coming soon!

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