Happy New Year!!

Good morning peeps! It’s that time of the year where we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018! For those of you leaving 2017 feeling unsatisfied, well, make 2018 your year! Do something a little different that will make you happy. Do something that will help yourself long-term. Do something that you’ll enjoy! It’s never too late to do something! Don’t believe me? Well, I can give you an example… with myself!
2015 I was a Senior General Manager for a restaurant, which I joined straight out of college. I originally joined them as an Assistant Manager in 2012. Promoted to General Manager in 2013 and then Senior General Manager in 2014. Looking at that, I felt proud of my accomplishments and ability to move upwards within the company. However, I wasn’t happy due to a couple of reasons and I decided I was going to make 2016 my year.
2016 I took a pay cut and a lower position as an exempt manager at another restaurant. At this point, I had more of a work-life balance and wanted to something more for myself personally. I backed a yaoi game on KickStarter and met a couple of cool people while doing so. With those peeps, Yaoi Consortium came to life! And I became a staff member for YaoiCon and met even more cool and crazy peeps.
2017 But we’re not going to stop there. This year, I became an Assistant General Manager, on the way to become a General Manager once more. I made myself more well known among the other staff members of YaoiCon and got to meet even more people. I learned more about myself this year and while I ran into a couple of obstacles (whether by my own mistakes or due to other people), I decided not to let that get to me that deeply. Therefore… 2018 I look forward to building Yaoi Consortium into a better and busier community with my very awesome team… @Akira, @Danare, @izumiisena, @Jai the Timelord, @Kian and @Kuro The Manly Bear. I look forward to having my own restaurant once more. I look forward to building my relationships even further with the people I know and developing new ones with the people I’ll meet. And I will never forget those relationships that have been severed as I will always use them as a learning experience. But hey, I’m human too, don’t ya know? :izapeace: Make 2018 your year peeps! Got some thoughts or any ideas of what you want to do? Feel free to tell me in #general or in a DM if you’re feeling a bit more personal. I’m all ears for you. Thanks so much for reading and have an amazing year! And more importantly, thank you for being a part of the Yaoi Consortium. We love having you here.

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